Smart Stunts

We are professionally engaged in the development, preparation, implementation of projects related to stunt films and shows. Turnkey production. Studio. Stunt School. More than 30 years in the Industry.
Film Production
Smart Stunts is an Prifessional Stunt department that provides services Worldwide. Everything within the field of stunt for movies, TV, series, commercials and shows.

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Action design studio
Space for rehearsals and filming. Stunt equipment and props. Rigging.Teaching the basics of working on a stunt set for technical, creative and art departments.
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Check out some SMART STUNTS showreels.
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Recent projects
    Smart Stunts Reels

    • Victor Ivanov
      Action Director. Screenwriter.
    • Sergey Nosulenko
    • Nino Deysadze
      Stunt coordinator. Producer.
    • Iuriy Vashurin
      Stunt coordinator
    • Sherzod Juraev
      Stun coordinator. Cameraman.
    • Mikle Belskiy
      Stunt Coordinator
    • Aleksandr Kraevskiy
      Key Rigger
    • Rodion Klochkov
      Key Rigger
    • Dmitriy Detkov
      Fight choreographer
    • Alex Doronin
      Concept designer
    • Slava Barkovskiy
      Stunt coordinator
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